4 years after the earlyAssetto Corsa Competizione version of the widely acclaimed simulation “Assetto Corsa”, KUNOS Simulazioni announced their next game. Taking advantage of their experience in simulation, they are introducing a new race simulation, geared toward E-sport. Branded Assetto Corsa Competizione, it aims to accurately reproduce the Blancpain Championship Series and the related GT-3 category.

Considered as the one of the most advanced car simulation, Assetto Corsa is an open architecture driving simulation. It became popular thanks to an unforgiving realism and thousands of mods. Its success also comes from a special care taken in the modeling of the grip, taking into account tyre temperature change and wear, but also variation in track condition. With1.4 million copies sold, it is also the most played race “sim” on steam.

Rain was a major requested features in Assetto Corsa

In Competizione with Project Cars ?

While Assetto Corsa was built on its own engine, Competizione will use the Unreal Engine 4. This will allow nighttime races, which was not possible in the original AC. Overall, the graphics are really stepping up. Tracks will use laser scanning, allowing to catch the finest bumps in the road.

Also, Rain is finally making it into the game. This is a 180° from Kunos Simulazioni. Rain effect was absent of Assetto Corsa as the developers did not wanted a cheap implementation. Simulating Rain as accurately as the other game features would require a large load of work, far more than simply altering the grip values.  It will be interesting to see if Kunos created wet track physics, or if they backed on their realism quest, to appeal new players.



Learn more about the Game : https://www.assettocorsa.net/competizione/

Learn more about the BlancPain series :





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