Black Friday is coming! This massive sales day is set the day after Thanksgiving, and is the opening of the Christmas sales period.  Originally an American thing, more and more shop around the world take the opportunity to do some discount. And at the internet ages, this also worth for Internet and Video Games!  Shopping guide aren’t an exclusivity for woman. Here are a few tracks on how to fill your simulator collection:

The most obvious is Steam. Steam Sales already started two days in advance. Most simulators can be found there with discount around 40-60% average.

If you lack driving fast on the ground, Codemaster is pushing Dirt 4, released this summer, with 60%. Project Car 2 and F1 2017, released more recently, are down 40%. Assetto Corsa is half priced. More more militarish gameplay, the ArmA 3 Series is discounted at 66%, except its latest “Law of War” DLC available at -20%.
One of the most realistic WW2 strategic/tactical franchise, the graviteam tactics series, is also discounted. One of their title is -80%, which could be a good introduction to wargaming at no cost.

In the sky, X-plane stands at -34%, Flight Sim World is half priced. DCS World offer 40% on modules.



Meanwhile, at 1C, The IL2 Battle of X Series stands at 50% on their website. $24.99 for the standard edition of any theater, $39.99 for the premium version.  They are also 66% On the Rise Of Flight store, if you miss a few planes in your WW1 collection.



They are many more place where you can get your simulator fix.  X-plane store has sales up to 60%, and Just Flight is doing bundle style offers with massive discount once you purchase several planes, including their latest releases.

They are probably many more, you may want to check your favorite online store !


The weather is getting colder and everyone try to stay warm at home – Even if you don’t get anything for yourself…. it can be a good opportunity to introduce the simulation world to one of your friends!


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