The developers at Carenado, have been busy indeed…




The developers of Carenado have been busy indeed. They have just released their newest addition to the HD Series PA-46 Malibu Meridian TP for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FSXSE and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D vers.2 & 3. Carenado’s render of this high-performance single is first rate as is usual for this flight simulation software developer. Great attention to detail on the part of Carenado Team , has yield another excellent product to the HD line, which include the TBM 850, EMB 505 Phenom 300, E50P Phenom 100 ,B200 King Air, including the ‘heavy-weight’ of the lot, the Hawker 850XP midsize business jet, to name a few, with a few new ones currently under development, including the new announced B390 Premier 1, a real ‘speedster’, that one, weird pot-bellied profile and all. Lovers of the Malibu Family, will likely not be disappointed. It includes all the goodies.




Features include: 

_Improved G1000 (PFD & MFD) with GCU 476 Control Unit.

_AFCS GMC 710 Auto-pilot, Including Flight Plan Creation directly from MFD.

_Volumetric propeller side-view effect.

_Dynamic propeller shine effect.

_Exterior shine and lighting effects.

_Realistic PT-6-64 engine sound.

_Cold & Dark START option.

_TAWS & TCAS, with visual & audible alerts.( Fully customizable AUX Page included.)

_Inset Map with traffic and topographic terrain awareness option available

_3D Knob Technology for G1000 operation.


Package Includes:

5 HD Liveries , plus one(1) blank

Carenado G1000 PDF

PA-46 Emergency Checklist PDF.

PA-46 Normal Checklist PDF.

PA-46 Normal pressures PDF.

Recommended Settings PDF.




Carenado, also has announced it’s first update to it’s PC-12 HD Series business turboprop further refining the release which has been available in X Plane, for some time. Like the newly released PA-46 Malibu Meridian, PC-12 vers. 2, will continue to offer similar features consistent with all of Carenado’s offerings. System requirements for these add-ons are identical, in number 0f liveries, and blanks, though equipment may vary in available avionics options specific to individual aircraft type.

Technical Requirements:Windows XP with SP3 installed, Vista, Windows 7, (32 or 64 bit), Microsoft Flight Simulator X with SP1 and SP2 or Acceleration pack, installed  or Lockheed Martin P3D ver.2 or 3 Flight Simulator or Flight Simulator Steam Edition. i3 Processor 3GHz or similar. Minimum: 2GB RAM; (4GB recommended) 512 MB graphics card or better;835 MB of free disk space.


Internet Connection Required

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