Deka Ironwork Simulation published a quick update on their Facebook page, showing the progress on the JF-17. Their modeler is back to work after his wife smashed his computer to piece earlier in October. They also mention that their China Asset Pack is progressing well and will start appearing on next week’s update, with one aircraft and 2 naval units.

  • The Shenyang J-11A : The J-11A is a licence built Su-27
    (U.S. Navy photo by 1st Class Shannon Renfroe/Released)

    SK. It was built locally in China by Shenyang, but is using avionics and sensors kit supplied by Russia. It was later replaced by the completely domestic J-11B.

  • The Type 052B Guangzhou Class Destroyer : The Type 052B is a Missile Destroyer.  Based on the Sovremennyy, it is capable of some serious air defense with 48x Buk Missiles, and carry 16x C-802 SSM missiles.
  • The Type 054 Frigate : A modern VLS equiped Frigate, it is equiped with 32 HQ-16 SAM missiles, and is capable of firing 8 Land/sea cruise missiles.

Tiny updates:

As you may already know, Razbam AV-8B N/A will be out on Nov 29. Our China Asset Pack will also be released on the coming update, in which, J-11A, 052B and 054A will be included for its debut.
Meanwhile, one of our modelers is hard working on the 052C and its anti-ship missile YJ-62.
Besides, to expand the PLAAF units, we decided to make KJ-2000 based on Eagle Dynamic’s A-50 model.
We will try our best to make both be included soon.

[He Is back!!] Another modeler has finished the collision model of JF-17, and now moves to the final stages of JF-17 modeling.
For EFM testing and visuliazation purpose, programmers wanted him to make the damage animations for all external components.
However, he refused – he still dares not to see any ‘debris’ since last ‘family event’ .

JF-17 Damage indicators

As a concession, he added damage status indicators for each damage component.
Different color of the ball represents different damage level:
1. green: light damage;
2. blue: moderate damage;
3. red: heavy damage;
4. black: critical damage;
And damage model (DM) now has been successfully integrated into our EFM.

…. (silently) we will definitely add the damage animation at the end

Thanks, and enjoy your weekend.


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