DCS World Record

Here is the DCS WORLD RECORD Page !


You want to show your mad skill ? You think you have done an acheivement ? Here is the hall of fame of DCS records !
While generic records are in this page, if you think you achieved something that worth making it into that page, send it. Our staff will review it and edit the site accordingly !


  1. Tacview record & replay are required.
  2. Departure parked at an airfield is mandatory
  3. The airplane must land. It can be an airfield/carrier, a road, even grass.  Plane must stand on their wheels.
  4. minor damage are acceptable. However – Airframe structure (wing, fuselage) must be ok.
  5. Screenshot is mandatory. Along with verification, it will be used here for illustration.
  6. Difficulty must include : realistic flight model, fuel, G effect
  7. Records are valid for a period of 1 year. Records may be reset before, if FM changes are important (especially for early birds)
  8. Incomplete registrant will not be taken into account.
  9. We’ll do our best update this page, it may take a few days until your score shows up.
  10. Records may have specific rules, or removed rules. It will be specified.
  11. Use of wind to exploit performance, is not tolerated.


How to apply :

Please send your file at the following address : Untitled

Make sure you include details about the record claimed, screenshot of it, and the tacview. Any incomplete record will not be processed. Website will get updated during the weekend.






 Overall Best Altitude : 

Mig-21bis – Aceru1 – 27937 meters / 91.656ft – 2016/12/03

Individual aircraft records :

  1. Mig-21bis – Aceru1 – 27937 meters / 91.656ft – 2016/4/25
  2. P-51D – Skipjack95 –  12.817 meters / 42.053ft/ – 2016/4/16
  3. Mi-8MT – CrazyJohny –  7638 meters / 25059ft – 2016/5/2



Additionnal rule : Flight must be level – without an initial dive acceleration. 

Overall Best Level Speed : 


Erwin – Mirage-2000C – 3799Km/h / 2051kts – 2016/5/4

Individual plane records :

  1. Mirage-2000C – Erwin – 3799Km/h / 2051kts – 2016/5/4
  2. Mig-21bis – CrazyJohny – 2292Km/h / 1237kts – 2016/4/18



Overall Best Speed :

Individual plane records :



Most weird take off ever by Dackster1994