A new page, Deka Ironwork Simulation, popped on Facebook. They isn’t much information available there yet but a few enigmatic screens have been released. Talented observers on our facebook group are already convinced a chinese plane is in the work ! The current theory is about the Chengdu J-10 : some people are convinced that the cockpit displayed is the one of the Chengdu J-10 jet. Also, the J-10 is equipped with the ACMI pod and the twin barelled Gsh-23 shown on the screens. Missiles are a match too.

This remain one big interrogation mark : What is this studio up for ?   Eagle Dynamics has not announced any new 3rd Party yet – but with a growing Chinese community, it could be a very interresting addition to the game. Let’s see if they can get a production licence! In the meantime, we can’t wait to hear and see more from them, and we wish them success !


Deka Ironwork Simulations is a DCS fan team. Now we are working hard on the external and cockpit 3D models to apply for 3rd Party license.





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