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Do you want your squadron listed here ?


We want to create a complete squadron directory. Wheter you are a large community of pilot or a small group of friends, fell free to contact us.

Please send us an email with the following information :

  • Name
  • Multiplayer Tag
  • Planes you primarily fly
  • Number of Pilots
  • Type
    • Realistic : With real SOP and protocols
    • Semi Realistic : Limited protocols
    • Community : Large gathering of players over large plane set.
    • others : don’t hesitate to specify 🙂
  • Website URL
  • Recruitement
    • Permanent : All the time
    • Periodic : Only at some period (specify)
    • Ponctual : Only when needed
    • On invite : when it’s squadron that offer places to special pilots
    • None
  • Geographic area

Along with this tables, we can also create you special pages. Don’t hesitate to send your text and pictures ! If your squadron run an open, dedicated server, fell free to send its details (see dedicated server page)