Virtual Airshows

VFAT-LOGOVirtual Airshows is an online airshow flying community that consists of countless virtual aerobatic teams and individuals around the world. These teams and individuals are either a replica of a real air demo team, such as the Red Arrows or the Blue Angels, or are entirely fictional, for instance the VAT “Berkuts” or the VAT “Skyline”. They practice and prepare their flying demonstrations to join online events throughout the year, to fly them live in front of a crowd. Virtual air demo teams are dedicated groups of people who share the same passion of extreme flying that is to fly loops, rolls and other maneuvers in close formation, or to fly a high energy, fast paced solo displays to show the aircraft’s capabilities.

2005 represents the pioneering year as the very first online show that was flown in ‘Lock On: Modern Air Combat’, the predecessor of today’s ‘Digital Combat Simulator’. A fellow member of the Lock On community, a person called Vladimir “Buplik”, and also a pilot of the the former Virtual Aerobatic Team White Ravens, announced the first virtual airshow on October 24th in 2005, named the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams, short known as VFAT. During the first three years, spectators joined the multiplayer server directly to view and follow the show.  Teams shared a mod that contains all of the participants’ aircraft to see the right colors on the right jets from each demo team. In 2007, the entire show was streamed using a media player based streaming solution that people could watch without joining any Lock On server and were able to chat while watching as solos and teams perform. Over the years, the show got bigger, more teams were formed and found their ways to our community to join which is possibly the biggest virtual airshow teams collaboration to form unique, staggering and inspiring online shows.

In 2016, we have up to seven virtual airshow events that are organized by groups and individuals who have the same spirit to get teams together to perform and have a great time enjoying, what we like to do most flying aircraft in the virtual sky.

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