Switzerland makes some of the greatest chocolate on Earth. They also have nice mountains and nice F-5. It could explain why ED’s last press release shown “Eagle Dynamics SA”…  or maybe that’s something else !


DCS: F/A-18C HORNET AT E3 2017

Lausanne, Switzerland, May 29th, 2017 – DCS: F/A-18C Hornet to be unveiled at E3 2017!

Eagle Dynamics SA and Belsimtek are excited to announce that DCS: F/A-18C Hornet will have its debut showing at E3 2017 at the Thrustmaster® booth.


Press released used to originate from Duxford, England. Everytime I would read “Duxford” as the first word of an ED PR, it would mean great things was getting released !  Now out of the blue, Eagle Dynamics start calling themselves Eagle Dynamics “SA”. Russian Company ? French business acronym “SA”…  It looked weird. And while waiting for the ellusive 2.5 merge, i have not much things to do other than playing on IL2 or…. on Google.


For Eagle dynamics SA, Google returned me an address in Lausanne, Switzerland. This address is what appears to be a residential place – I didn’t find it really strange, as many are doing this. But Google map also displayed something else. The place was actually crowded with other business, some of them aviation related.


Going thru these companies, one name kept popping : “Jean Claude Roch”. Google knew him very well, he is the current chairman of an aviation related business, called “Perfect Holding”. And he’s also the president of “Eagle Dynamics SA”.


Also, Igor Tishin is founder of Eagle Dynamics.


Now that the “Lausanne” question has been lifted, here comes the next batch of questions. Is ED now into Perfect Holding ? What about TFC, which is quite silent on Normandy release ?  When is F/A-18C Released ? What islausanne5 Ugra Media ? Is DCS ok ?
Unfortunately, their Community manager SS dodged the question as fast as it takes to loose posting rights on ED forum. Also, before jumping on your tin foil hats, these things does not necessarily is bad news. But at least, once the Normandy hype is over, we’ll have some stuff to speculate about 🙂



….. mmmhhh wait, let’s me try another google thing. . .











  1. I wish they didnt charge 49.99 for a map 9.99 for a tutorial and 79.99 for a plane. then I would play there game. That wont happen tho because this company is greed pure greed!

  2. I wish they didnt over charge for DLC like 49.99 for a map, 9.99 a tutorial, or 79.99 a plane that is $20 more for a AAA title they want you to pay for a plane. Wish I could play this game but cant without giving up my moral compass as this company is just pure greed like worse then Rock Star greed!


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