Ever wanted be a Firefighter ?  If you still have the opportunity, go ahead and do it for real !  If you cannot, well… you can still play with the big red truck in the latest version of Emergency.

Named after the 20th Anniversary of the series, Emergency 20, was released a few days ago.  This real-time strategy game set you as the commander of a town’s emergency service, regrouping Firefighters, Police, Paramedics, and Technical services.  You will have to do your best to protect your citizens in various challenging situation. Along with a scenario drive campaign, the game became famous for its “free play” mode, where you have a whole town to cover and events happen randomly.
The game also features a multiplayer cooperative mode.

The game is revisiting 10 classic missions of the license, remade from scratch with new gameplay and graphics. It is also coming with the content of the 3 previous games: EM5, EM2016 and EM2017. To avoid previous customer feeling bad about it, Sixteen Tons Interactive is making a rebate program for them: owners of the Emergency 2016 or 2017 will get a 66% discount – until December 21st.

You can learn more on the steam product page



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