Igor Tishin Passed Away. Memorial Flight 3-30


Igor Anatolievich Tishin, the director of Eagle Dynamics, passed away the 3/21/2018.  He founded the company in 1991. Flanker, Released in 95, made the company a pillar of the flight simulation industry. Our community is planning a memorial flight for Friday evening, 1900 UTC. More details below.

Yesterday afternoon, our leader and friend Igor Anatolievich Tishin passed away from complications post chemotherapy. We mourn this tragic loss and pray for his family, his wife Tania and father Anatoly Petrovich. Eagle Dynamics was a huge part of his life and most of our dreams stemmed from there. The Team will gather soon to ensure that Igor’s legacy gone on and always be remembered in the products we make. We commit to following his wishes and for the dream to continue through the capable hands of those who remain. The whole Eagle Dynamics team, family and friends pray God to our beloved Igor.

Our deepest condolences to all who knew him and loved him well.
Eagle Dynamics, 03/22/18


A Memorial Flight along the coast


Our community will do a group flight in memory of Igor. It will take place this Friday March 30th, at 1900 UTC (click here to compare with your time).
The flight will consist of a group formation over the coastal area of Caucasus, between Novorossijk and Soshi. It will be an opportunity for everyone to share its best memories with DCS World. Everyone is welcome, from old grumpy pilots to fresh wings.  We’ll held a minute of silence midflight. Also, we do not want this day to turn into a massive fireball. This is a memorial flight, any dangerous behavior inflight will get immediately kicked. Since there will be obvious difference in skills and we want to allow everyone, there won’t be any define formation. Just stay grouped, and respect some safety distance according to your level.

Remember : This is a day to remember Igor and honor his memory.

The server is kindly provided by the 59th VFS Ravens, thank you so much guys.

The flight plan is as follow:

  1. Mass launch from the 3 runways in Krasnodar (jets), and Krimsk (prop)
  2. Rejoin the Holding point at Gelenzhik. 59th Panda will lead with a Smoke.
  3. Massive group flight from Gelenzhik to Sochi.
  4. Landing at the two Sochi runway, basic ATC will coordinate the landing


Please read “sochi”


Important Informations:
  • Formation Altitude 3000m / 9840ft
  • Formation Speed 500km/h / 270kts
  • Minimum Separation between aircrafts (ping safety) = at least 2 aircrafts length.
  • ATC will coordinate the departure / landings.
  • This is a mourning flight. No aerobatic maneuver during the formation.
  • Please check your ping in the 59th >400ms can’t be allowed for safety reason.
  • Event duration should be around 1 Hour.
  • Hussien M Flanker’s memorial Su-27 Texture will be available for the flankers.
  • Make sure to load enough fuel for the flight
  • Prop plane take off :  Krimsk Airfield, Runway 21
  • Jet takeoff : Krasnodar Center, Runway 26
  • Jet takeoff : Krasnodar Pashkovsky, Runway 24 R&L
  • No grouped takeoff to avoid accident, squadrons can take off by pairs.
  • Sochi landing : Per ATC instruction, Expect runway 06 for jets and 02 for props. Hold nearby above the sea.
  • Teamspeak:    password : 59







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