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Two More Weeks is News & Community oriented website, created by members of the DCS facebook fanpage. It is born from the need of a more structured news center, as Facebook is quite limited in that regard. While initially planned for our community support, It is also designed as a support for the whole DCS crowd, from content promotion to multiplayer events support. They are plenty of great community around, such Hoggit, SimHQ, our own place, and some other i don’t have in mind while writing these lines (sorry folks!). We do not plan to compete with those website, but to complete as an information center. We invite everyone to contact us to get listed in our Directory.

We are open to suggestions and ideas, as this site is still in devellopment.



Recruitment : You can participate too !

Screen_160105_150301If you want to participate in our website content, fell free to drop us an email !  If you are a server admin who wants to promote his events, or a pilot  on top of latest news, or someone with multiple simulators love who wants to share news from other games, we can participate in the community development!

We are currently setting up a contributor program.  This program’s goal is to give the tools for many people to write news, articles and participate into the website. You just need some time and a decent english : We are an internationnal community, and that’s fine if it’s not your native language. That’s not mine either!. Our Editor Team will review entries publish it under your name, or get back to you if something can be improved.  We obviously have some guidelines – as an exemple, we are neutral and try to promote the community as a whole, we do not want self-oriented post.



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