Carenado B390 Addon Released

Carenado 390 Premier 1A





Developers from Carenado, have just released their newest creation, the Carenado 390 Premier 1A, light corporate jet addon for FSX,FSXSE, P3D V2.5 and P3D V3.4. As of this printing , there are currently no plans for X-Plane(Sorry guys.) Like all the HD Series of general aviation aircraft, 390 Premier 1A, will feature a long list of features, including a ProLine 21 navigation system, Weather Radar,  as well as a Traffic Conflict Alert System ( TCAS)  and a Navigraph database AIRAC cycle 1310, and many other features typical in an aircraft of this class of jet. Animations are up to their usual standards of excellence .


 CARENADO-Premier-1A-6 (1)

For more info such as pricing and system requirements, go to http/ php.

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