CSKIES.NET is a dedicated server run by Crimson, dedicated to realistic combat between Migs & Mirage, along with A-10 & Su-25. The server is located in Latvia (Europe). Don’t hesitate to jump on ED forum and give kudos and feedback to its admin !

7964684Server information:

Dedicated server: CSkies.net
CPU: i7-3770 3.4GHz RAM: 8Gb SSD: AData S510
Location: Jelgava, Latvia

Realism simplify configuration:

  • External views: Yes (F5, LCtrl+F11 – disabled)
  • Map: only player plane
  • Sprites: middle


  • Red coalition:
    • 6 MiG-21bis
    • 2 Su-25
    • 4 Su-25T (except: ПТУР “Вихрь”)
  • Blue coalition:
    • 6 M-2000C
    • 4 A-10A (except: CBU-97)
    • 2 A-10C (except: CBU-97, CBU-105)

STREAKStatistics page : http://cskies.net/

Teamspeak Server : TeamSpeak3 Server

Official ED thread : http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=163293




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