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Do you like writing about your passion? Join us! Our website is about creating a central place for all PC simulation news and information. They are many big names in the simulation industry, but they are also many small talented studios and mod teams developing stuff.  Many simulator players don’t know every single game, but like to discover new stuff. You want to involve more in your passion? Why don’t you help us promote realistic games?

  • Development News
  • Events & its results
  • New simulators
  • Hardware and peripherical
  • After action reports and stories
  • Whatever can relate to simulators!

This includes everything that can classify as a simulator: a game focused on accurately representing something. From punctual post about a tournament result, to spreading the latest gossip about your favorite simulator development, we are open to all!



We have a user-friendly news submission system, so you can feed us with news and articles.  They will be sent to the redaction team for formatting and approval. It won’t take a while before it goes live: our team never sleeps!


Once you start posting on a regular basis, we will set you up as an author, with access to more tools in the back office and direct posting right. You will be part of the team!

Event Organizer:

We really want to set up the website with events and community in sight. As many games like BMS and IL2 proved, an active community makes a strong simulation. In early 2018, we will setup some professional tools, so the website can become a powerful tool for your event management needs, including communication, registration process & scoreboards. In the meantime, you can already register to publish announcement & result of your events.



How to join?

Create an account in there. Afterward, just email us at (or using the contact form) with a little presentation and what you want to bring to our community!