Rotorheads will have some fresh action in their plate. Greg, one of the guy behind the Blueflag online campaign, is about to release a DLC campaign, “Argo“. The story will put you in the role of a greek naval helicopter pilot, based on the Oliver Perry Frigate. The 15 Missions ranges from Transport, SAR, up to Submarine Warfare.

You better start practicing your landings and navigation skill, the campaign is ED’s hand now, and should release anyday !


Argo is the new DLC campaign for the DCS World’s UH-1H module. During the fifteen missions of the campaign, you act in the role of a Hellenic Army Aviation, Huey pilot that recently was transferred to the Navy.

During this fifteen (15) missions campaign the player will have the opportunity to fly a variety of tasks in almost all weather conditions day and night conducting Search and Rescue (SAR), Cargo delivery, Troops transport and Antisubmarine warfare (ASW).

Despite the success and good reputation of the famous “UN Pilot” campaign, Argo takes you one step further since conducting Naval Operation with Huey is a whole different world. In most of the missions the player will have to take off and land on board a frigate while in other cases must fly and hover at a low altitude over the sea having to counter strong winds. In other cases the player must rely only on his flight instruments and radios since the visibility is extremely low.

Another factor that makes the campaign ever more realistic is that all the cargos and weights were calculated in order to follow the manufactures specifications.

For the purpose of the campaign more than 300 voice overs were by various actors from different countries trying to be as realistic as possible. A big effort was also made in the documentation of the campaign since more than 100 pages of briefings and maps are included.

The helicopter is painted and uses the Hellenic Army Aviation’s skins and badges that are available through the DCS mission editor. The main idea behind the campaign is that the Hellenic Government signed with the United States a partially funded program which included the purchase of 4x retired Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates from the U.S Navy. Due to military budget cutbacks the Hellenic. Government was unable to purchase UH-60s and decided instead to use ten upgraded UH-1Hs with ASW capabilities suitable for Naval Operations. For this reason you got transferred from an Army Aviation Unit to the Navy.

The campaign makes full use of UH-1H’s capabilities and weaponry and sometimes it even exceeds it without becoming unrealistic. For this reason the player must be familiar and feel comfortable with the airframe. Despite the fact that the campaign takes place in an exercise environment, the story holds many surprises inspired by true facts occurred both in the past and present.

Since the use of UH-1Hs in the modern warfare and especially in Naval Ops is considered obsolesce by many, the player will have to prove its value and that is still worthy even in modern combat environment.

Are you up for the task?




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