If you like VR and explosions, the next Onward patch may make you an happy psychopath. Onward devellopers published a note about what’s coming in the game for october. Molotov cocktails and C4 explosives will make their appareance in next patch, along with pistol attachments and the FN Five-Seven.
Downpour Interactive is also growing with two new developers joining the team. The devteam hopes to release more frequent maps in the future. You can read the full presentation here



Things to expect in the October update:

  • In this next patch, things might get a little spooky in Onward!
  • UI improvements.
  • New entrances in Subway.
  • Pistol attachments.
  • New FN 5-7 pistol. (will replace the USP)
  • New Glock pistol model.
  • Molotov cocktail.
  • C4 explosive.
  • New SA80 model.


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