One of the oldest team in the ArmA universe, Red Hammer Studio, has released the 0.4.5 version of their mod : RHS Escalation.  Focused on modern US and Russian armies, the mod contains a lot of new contemporary weapons and vehicles for ArmA 3.

Along with a plethora of fixes and improvement, the main target of this patch is the mod’s vehicles. Arma tracked vehicles handling, based on Nvidia PhysX engine, has been updated to be more realistic – in anticipation of the upcoming ArmA3: Tank DLC. RHS Studio has updated their tracked assets to take advantage of the latest improvements. Also, a few additions & features have been included, such as the Mig-29SM, AN/PEQ-16, M113… Full change logs are available on their website :










Today Red Hammer Studios passes a significant milestone: January 16th is the anniversary of RHS becoming available on the Steam Workshop, which coincided with the mod’s 0.4.2 release at the start of 2017.

Since then, the mod has attracted in excess of 600,000 unique subscriptions. USAF and AFRF are currently rated as the two “Most Popular” Arma 3 mods of all time. With USAF sitting with around 490,000 current subscribers, AFRF around 472,000, GREF in the region of 375,000 and the newly introduced Serbian Armed Forces faction has over 305,000 subs. These are not the largest subscription numbers on the Arma 3 workshop by any means, but they far outstripped our expectations for what we would achieve in only one year of hosting the mod there.

To mark the occasion, we have decided to published the RHS 0.4.5 update.

At some point we hope to publish a retrospective article taking a look back at the past year of development between versions 0.4.2 and 0.4.5, and the content we have added to Arma 3 in this time. But in the meantime we would like you to join us in celebrating what the team has collectively achieved over the past year, as we look forward to what developments 2018 will bring.

Already looking to the future of Arma 3; the 0.4.5 update is quite heavily focused on updating the handling characteristics of our tracked vehicles to make best use of the improvements that Bohemia Interactive have made to this aspect of the game, ahead of the release of the Tanks DLC later this year. We hope that the changes made to RHS’ tracked vehicles will offer a more satisfying driving experience, and perhaps help generate some feedback on the handling improvements made to Arma 3 itself.

As always, you can find the newest changelogs here:

If you have found any bugs, please make sure to report them here:

As always:



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