Rising Storm 2 is about to get some reinforcement. Tripwire is working on an Australian Faction, along with a new canberra bomber and a new UH-1 variant. Please note it is already available in the community test branch. Here is the list of the new toys :



  • New Faction – Australian Army
  • New Weapon – L1A1 Rifle
  • New Weapon – L2A1 LMG
  • New Weapon – F1 SMG
  • New Weapon – Owens SMG
  • New Weapon – Browning Hi Power Pistol
  • New Weapon – XM177E1
  • New Vehicle – Bushranger (Huey Gunship)
  • New Map – Long Tan
  • New Map – Operation Forrest
  • New Map – Rung Sac
  • New Commander Ability – Canberra Bomber




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