Bohemia Interactive Studio has published his regular SITREP – Situation Report, updating their customer about what is going on about their main game Armed Assault 3.

You can find the complete SITREP in this page. Here are the major lines :

The report states that the Tac-Ops Mission Pack entered final phase of the development. Localisation has started while designers polish the last details.

Tanks DLC is nearly feature complete. Also, Bohemia Interactive mentions that it will be their final official DLC and that developers will move into other projects. This is where it gets interresting. BIS is creating a third party, premium DLC program. The goal is to attract developers to keep creating content for ArmA3, while BIS staff can switch to their next project. Some of you may be afraid that popular mods will turn into payware – Do not worry – BIS has you covered! Only original content will be allowed. Mods that already exist will stay free!  You can read more about the program in this thread.

Namely, we’d like to work with external development teams, including the splendid developers in our community, to publish their Arma 3 projects as third-party premium DLC on Steam.



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