Speed isn’t the only way to have fun with wheels !

3 years after the original Spintires, its sequel Spintires: Mudrunner has been released!

Spintires is an off-road vehicle simulation. It features many Russian vehicles ranging from the small and nibble UAZ-469 to some large 8*8 trucks. It also features mud. A lot of it. In this game, you must deliver wood logs from A to B. Without roads, you will have to fight against mud, ford rivers, and navigate thru the wild.

Simulation wise, the software reproduces accurately various level of mud viscosity. Gears and differentials are modeled with care. Fording is a challenge with water interacting realistically with your car. Your lightweight UAZ may not make it everywhere! Winch is simulated, so you can get yourself free of mud, or tow a friend in a 4-player cooperative mode.

While fun alone, this game is definitively a blast with 3 friends

The original game has been successful, hitting Steam sales top chart at his release. This new version polishes a lot of details and add some much-awaited features, like Internal view and Multiplayer Save System. While branded as a new application, it somehow feels like an extension. And it can be considered as one : owners of the original spintires will receive a 50% discount for the new version. (Offer valid until december tho)


The game features :

  • 19 Vehicles
  • 6 Sandbox Maps
  • Mud, water, environment have a complex physic modelling impacting your vehicles
  • 4 players Cooperative (or just ram your friends into a ditch !)
  • Workshop support: extra content from the community
Regularly clean your truck so your boss is happy




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