WW2OL is still alive !  Campaign 152 just started, and along with it, some gameplay changes to further balance the game.   “Overpopulation” of one side has always been an issue in WW2OL. Depending on timezone, one side may have a sensible variation of player count. Before, it was dealt at respawn level. Players from an overpopulated side would get a timer before respawn, based on over-population factor.

To give the underpopulated side a fighting chance, Cornered Rats altered the capture mechanics. Now, capture will be faster for them. The system is :


When there is an imbalance starting at 1% (up to 50%), the following will occur:

  • Underpopulated side receives bonus faster capture speed by X%
  • Overpopulated side receives penalty slower capture speed by X%

So for example, if there is a 25% population difference, the following will occur:

  • Underpopulated side = 25% faster capture timers
  • Overpopulated side = 25% slower capture timers

You cannot have more than a 50% bonus or penalty. So if there is a 70% imbalance, the maximum bonus or penalty is 50% timers impacted on both sides.

The changes are already in effect in this new campaign.

The Italians are coming, along with Self Propelled Artillery !


WW2OL Combat Support
Short… but Big !!

While preliminary work has started on WW2OL…2, Cornered Rats Software is working on refreshing the game with new content and keep their playerbase entertained. After introducing the American faction a few years back, they are currently working on the Italian army.

Also, they are working on Combat Support vehicles, in the form of tanks equipped with a bigger gun to bring some extra explosive power in the battle.


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