Cold water‘s China Sea Campaign is nearly ready. Featuring a new scenario, map and 22 units, the theater will represent a clash between USA and China in a early 90tys setup. To fight the new threat, the player will get two new modern submarines, the 688i Los Angeles (improved) and the Seawolf. So far, the new units are ready and the campaign map got setup. They is no release date communicated at the moment, but with the preliminary patch note being published, it doesn’t look like it will take a long time for our submarines to hit China.

The Improved Los Angeles class features a VLS – vertical launchers system, and a much lower noise signature. The VLS are located in the front section and allows to quickly fire 12 Tomahawks at sea or land targets, but can’t be reloaded.

The Seawolf Class is a modern sub built in the late 80tys. While not equipped with a VLS system, it features eight tubes and can store up to 50 weapons. It will be the most silent submarine of the game  while being faster than the i688 class. Its design lead to the current Virginia class.

Land graphics have also been improved





Version 1.1
In Progress

PersicopeDpethinFeet variable now applied to the auto dropping of masts
Fixed the <n> in event headers
Helo and aircraft now support 0 sonobuoys and 0 depth bombs
Helo torpedo hardpoints added
CIWS particle now specified in ship txt file: Anti-MissileGunParticle=ships/particles/tracers_burst
Tree density now specified by biome
New terrain shader and textures for better visuals and performance
Fixed an offset bug with Scenery object spawn locations

New vessels added:

  • usn_ssn_seawolf
  • usn_ssn_los_angeles_flt3
  • plan_ssbn_xia
  • plan_ssn_han
  • plan_ssk_song
  • plan_ss_ming
  • plan_ss_romeo
  • plan_ddg_luda
  • plan_ddg_luda3
  • plan_ddg_luhu
  • plan_ddg_sovremenny
  • plan_ff_chengdu
  • plan_ff_jianghu
  • plan_ff_jianghu3
  • plan_ffg_jiangwei
  • plan_lst_yukan
  • plan_lst_yuting
  • plan_aor_fuqing
  • plan_ap_qiongsha
  • plan_as_daijiang

New weapons added:

  • plan_yu-1
  • plan_yu-5
  • plan_yu-7
  • plan_cy-1
  • plan_fqf2500_mortar
  • plan_type81_mortar
  • plan_type87_mortar
  • plan_type_79a_shell

New aircraft added:

  • plan_z-9
  • plan_y-8x


Fixed a bug where RESUPPLY_CONVOY_1 could erroneously be called
Fixed an icon display issue where a port invaded by a landing force did not update colour
Added South China Sea bathymetry data
Added South China Sea chart
New campaign “campaign003” created for South China Sea


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