A screenshot displaying the 1944 Normandy map has been released by Eagle Dynamics. The screenshot is an answer to the question of which French Airfield will get modeled. However the map is still in devellopment and it may not be final. England Coast is not planned at the moment, as the map is intended to represent the situation in 1944. As things move forwards, it has been hinted it may be roughly be added, so maybe we’ll get a place to have our B17 starting from!  Map is develloped with the latest map technology from Eagle Dynamics, so it is suspected to release in Open Alpha prior to the delayed 2.5 Version Merge.

Hi everyone. We hear you and understand your desire for operations from southern England. Certainly this would add a lot to both single player and multiplayer missions. However, from the very start, this has always been advertised as a Normandy map… not an English Channel map. Our primary goal in developing this map is to model the area of Normandy most involved during the post D-Day invasion period.

However, once the Normandy map is available in Early Access, we hope (not promised) to add a basic representation of the southern coastal area of England and allow mission builders to place airfields using the upcoming airfield placement tool for the Mission Editor.

Wags, Eagle Dynamics



This map represents the area around Caen, Northern France. It represents 25 Airfields around this town, plus an additionnal one in Evreux, in Central Normandy. The official map size has not been announced. It we take the edge of Normandy to Evreux airfield, it represents a 220*80km map (140*50mi). But again, the screenshots does only display airfields, and is a from a project in development, so it can change anytime !

You can learn more about US airfields in Normandy here :


By Philg88; Attribution: Wikimedia Foundation ( [CC BY 4.0 ( or ODbL (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Philg88; Attribution: Wikimedia Foundation (


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