Our Facebook page reached 4000 members.

Thank you for your support and making a great community !


VEAO hawk
And we even have 3rd party with us !

4000 is just a number.
We know that despite our moderated entry, we have quite some spam bots, some inactive accounts, some pilot’s wives that are checking its not hidden porn, some ED spy checking we aren’t too salty. But that’s still a decent mark !
Another number is 35.
It’s amount the post we had for the last twenty four hours ! That means we are a living and active community, enjoying stories, helping each others, sharing pictures and videos, laughing about the last aviation meme. And that is just a huge achievement, something you actually all made together.



And then, Fireball happened.

One huge step since 3000 mark.
At the 3000 mark, we have launched two succesfull event. One community formation flight, which was pure fun turning into a massive fireball, and a Crazy Helicopter Race !

Let’s keep the tradition : As promised, we will organize this again in the upcoming days. Therefore, i’m looking for help with server hosting. I look forward making this happen Saturday 27th.  Anyone interrested to help setting up a second US timezone event, let me know !

Banner1We also recently launched this community website to backup the poor facebook interface and serve as a common information place for those not having FB. The site has been succesful with a lot of you sending greate feedback.   I will take the opportunity to remember that you can participate in its development. We are welcoming whoever wants to help with news or other sections.  If you fell like writing storys or article, we created an article section in the main page so guest writers can write opinions and stories. Don’t be shy, you don’t need to be a crack with 10 years of experience to participate !

Road to 5000 members ?

They is still a lot that can be achieved in the community. And they are a lot that is done.

They are other great DCS things beside ours. Situation Awareness is doing a great job keeping track of Multiplayer Tournaments. Lock On Files has a solid modding community. They are several solid Multiplayer servers and players around the 104th & Buddyspike, ACG among others.
If you haven’t checked their site, you better give a jump there. I hope we’ll all get connected and make things even more great in the future.

In a closer timeline, I’m looking forward creating an event team to create more ponctual events like we did. Air Races, aerobatic days, themed battle, i’m sure our own group has skilled people that will help in this. Dedicated server will help, if ever ED finish it.

By the way, we are an unnofficial facebook page. No censorship 🙂



Other Admins words




Wow, I never imagined that we would progress so far


I’m watching you



Stop blocking me you bastiges!




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