Dojo from the 476th vFighter posted their latest podcast. It is mainly focused on cockpit building.


Episode 11 is LIVE: DCS BIOS and Cockpit Building

[FSF]Ian and Warhog join the podcast to discuss DCS BIOS and building custom cockpit panels! It was certainly fun to talk – and more importantly fantasize – about trying this myself. Get introduced to the concept of building your own panels by the Developer of DCS BIOS, Ian, and his intrepid partner, Warhog! Below you’ll find relevant links from the episode, including an intro to DCS BIOS, pics of some of Warhog’s amazing panels, if you haven’t seen his work already, and the eBay stores where he shops!

Guest: Jan “[FSF] Ian” Boecker and John “Warhog” Wall
Host: Dojo

DCS BIOS Information

John’s Photo Links

Ebay Stores where John shops

Take a listen here: Episode 11:…ast-Episode-11

As always, please enjoy!



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