59th Ravens Harrier Event


The 59th Ravens Harrier Event will take place on November 12th, at 2pm GMT. While registration are already full, they is still a handful of places available in reserve slots.  This event is quite original since it will be a pure Air To Ground competition rewarding accuracy. Each pilot will have 3 attack runs to demonstrate their skill with guns, rockets and bombs. Total score will make the winner.  This competition is sponsored by Eagle Dynamics and Razbam, with prizes for the top 3 ground pounder.

Worth noting, they will be a Razbam interview during the event streaming.


The event will be broadcasted on the 59th’s Youtube.

Dear Pilots,

We invite you to participate in our Harrier Event (The Jack Jackson Exercise) on Sun 12th Nov at 2pm GMT

We are proud to be working in Partnership with Razbam and Eagle Dynamics to offer an excellent Prize Pool for this unique event.

In this event, we invite you to hop into a Ground Attack Plane to test your skills against other fellow pilots in a Live Fire Exercise event.

*The Winner will receive a FREE copy of the Harrier provided by Razbam
*2nd place will receive a FREE copy of the NTTR provided by ED
*The Third-place pilot will receive a FREE campaign of their choice

We will also be having a LIVE interview with Ron from RAZBAM. To talk about the Harrier


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