777/1C published a report of one of their Career Mode beta tester.  Along with the report comes several screenshots of the GUI, revealing some details about what to expect for the next patch.  In the past, 777 Studio released a dynamic career mode for Rise Of Flight which made the game very interesting and replayable. When IL2 Battle of Stalingrad came out, it was missing. While several linear campaigns were published, many expressed sadness that the dynamic campaign engine wasn’t reused in the new game.
After many years, the dream is about to come true. A new dynamic campaign engine will make it into the final version of battle of Kuban and allow a complete Career mode.

Let’s have a look into the screens.


The Rise of Flight legacy


Like the Rise of Flight campaign, you can select your squadron in the start of the game. Many filters are here to help you select the appropriate squadron depending on your plane preference.  On the top right corner, the menu shows “Theatre of War” selection, which means owning all the DLC won’t be needed to enjoy the campaign. Down on the right, we can see a “Starting Phase” menu, it will allow you to select when you want to start in this theater. This menu betrays a linear campaign. It doesn’t look like the capture of Moscow will be an option – but this remains speculation from the screen.


A focus on Immersion


The Character setup is comparable to Rise of Flight one. You have a few pictures to select from, you can select a background, rank, date of birth…. This won’t have much impact, but it adds up to the immersion feeling. Note the “Iron Man” checkbox. If you uncheck that, death or capture in the game will terminate your campaign.

The Campaign is not centered around your persona but around the daily squadron operations. A lot of efforts are made in immersion: loads of pictures, texts and regular newspapers will keep you updated on what is going on around you. Every day, the squadron will receive missions to complete, and as part of the squadron, you will be affected to some. And some will auto resolve without you. Others pilot’s results, along with plane inventory, is tracked. The original Rise of Flight campaign also allowed you to request transfers. It is not confirmed if this feature will be present in IL2, but they are no reason for it to disappear.


The Campaign will auto-generate missions based on an initial 25 mission types. The studio plans have plans to extend this to 40. Patch 3.001, the complete version of Kuban, is currently in beta testing phase and may release anytime now. The dynamic campaign will be available for free for previous owner of IL2: Battle of Stalingrad, and Battle of Moscow.



You can read the after action report in Dev Blog 189.

An autogenerated mission seen from editor







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