While ranging a lot of options, the regular DCS World mission generator was somewhat limited and predictable. Thanks to Ambroise “AkaAgar” Garel, we now have a top class mission generator, compatible SP and MP.

Introducing Headquarters for DCS World

Headquarters for DCS world is a simple program which can generate various kind of missions for every module. It supports both Single Player and Coop mode. The generator can be adjusted to create missions ranging from a simple reconnaissance mission in a quiet area to a large air battle. A plethora of options is available, although the user interface is very simple and comfortable. On top of this, the program uses Windows Text-to-Speech to create the appropriate voice-over !

Edit – It appears that the briefing text sometimes crash coop missions. A users found out that deleting the briefing in mission editor fix this. I’ll try tonight

Although limited to Caucasus at the present time, the developer will expand the program with many more options. You can find the program on this page


Feature List:

  • Generate single-player or cooperative air-to-air or strike missions
  • Create complete missions with briefings and waypoints, then export them to a DCS World .MIZ file in just a few clicks.
  • Uses Windows 7 and 10’s text-to-speech library to generate contextual radio messages unique to each mission (why settle for « Good job! Objective complete! » when you can hear « Nice job! All BTR-80 at objective PHOENIX have been destroyed »)
  • Can create almost any kind of scenarios, from a deep strike mission behind a superpower’s cutting-edge integrated air defense network to a photo reconnaissance mission over a terrorist training camp.
  • No units spawned through runtime scripting. All units are added to the mission itself, so they can be edited with DCS World‘s mission editor for further customization.
  • Save mission templates to small .lua files and share them with your friends.
  • hoose from a large variety of mission types, from combat air patrols to bomber interception, target designation for artillery strikes, photo reconnaissance, bomb damage assessment and many others…
  • Search and designate ground targets by yourself or use HQ4DCS’s complete JTAC system which can provide coordinates of enemy units, mark targets with smoke and lase them, wether they’re static or moving.
  • Customize SAM and air-to-air opposition for any mission difficulty
  • Generates proper friendly/enemy units according to country and time period

Along with selecting enemy target and strength, you can also create your custom strike package. Multiple AI and players aircraft can be selected and assigned various tasks. Playable units

Currently implemented missions:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Airborne Forward Air Controller
  • Bomb Damage Assessment
  • Combat Air Patrol
  • Interception
  • Interdiction
  • Offensive Counter Air
  • Strike

After the mission parameters are entered, you get a briefing and mission generated. Thankfully, the software will automatically detect your DCS installation and save the mission in the appropriate folder. Also, it gives you the option to export the briefing in HTML, PDF or image file, allowing easy printing/sharing.


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