American Truck Simulator next expansion has been announced. After releasing New Mexico, SCS software will head north toward the state of Oregon. With more temperate climate than the previously released states, Oregon is full of nature and will bring a fresh, green look to the game. Industries and cargo will reflect this, with new customers and companies around.

The team has not specified if it will be limited to Oregon only, or if other states may be included, like previous releases. (Seattle i’m looking at you).



Oregon, the Beaver State, will be the new addition. Depicting the very diverse environments across Northern America is always an exciting challenge for us. Oregon’s nature surpasses everything we’ve encountered so far. Extensive deep forests, dense shrublands, deep calm lakes, wide rivers, steep mountain ranges, volcanoes, high desert and the Pacific Ocean’s coastline. All stacked onto territory just a little larger than the United Kingdom!



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