Armed Assault 3 latest DLC: Tac Ops, is now released. The DLC features three new campaigns for single players, with sensible difference with the regular gameplay. It add some solid hours of gameplay for those who enjoy single player experience.

Large Scale Battles

Regular ArmA campaign was focused on the action of a single group thru a small area, usually a town or two. The new campaign features battle spawning across several kilometers, with the various units playing their own roles. Some of these units are playable – you can see the same battle from various point of view, from a regular infantry squad leader to a special force, or an APC commander.

The Malden first mission covers from the Eastern side to La Rivière

Once in the game, you will have access to 3 new campaigns. Yet, they aren’t really campaigns: they only contain 2 to 3 lengthy mission. You will have a small background story for each campaign, then a detailed briefing will follow. Detailing each unit roles, you will get “the big picture”. Once the mission is launched, the world will start moving, it will be up to you and your squad to keep the pace thru the mission. As an example, the first mission in Malden will cover the whole southern section of the map!

Immersion is present thanks to some nice supporting voice acting.



Key Features in Arma 3 Tac-Ops Mission Pack:

  • 3 Singleplayer Operations – Designed for the experienced Arma player, this Mission Pack features three challenging military operations (spread across seven missions):
    • Beyond Hope – Nine years prior to the “East Wind” conflict, civil war rages through the Republic of Altis and Stratis.
    • Stepping Stone – NATO reinforcements responding to the “East Wind” crisis must first secure the strategic island of Malden.
    • Steel Pegasus – During the invasion of Altis, NATO forces stage a daring air assault to open a second front.
  • Authentic Warfare – Experience what true military combat is like with missions that favor intelligence, caution, and patience above all else. Fight alongside multiple armed forces, and lead your unit to victory, alive.
  • Evolving Battlefield – Discover how your conduct and decisions on the battlefield can affect the operation by completing, failing, or ignoring (optional) objectives.
  • Replayability – Replay a selection of missions from a different unit’s perspective to gain a greater understanding of the operation. Try out various tactics and figure out how to achieve your objectives in different ways.
  • After Action Report (AAR) Videos – Develop your understanding of military tactics and combat with practical mission-specific insights from one of our military consultants.
  • And More – Listen to newly composed music tracks, unlock additional Steam Achievements, and take advantage of new scripted systems to help create advanced custom Arma 3 scenarios.



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