Bohemia Interactive Releases ArmA3: Tanks DLC. This latest and last expansion for ArmA3 upgrade the armored aspect of the game with premium content such as new armored vehicles and missions. The studio also delivers a free upgrade to the base engine. This is the last official DLC for ArmA3. The studio will now focus on Bohemia Interactive next project, which many clues pointing toward an ArmA4 with the new Enfusion engine.

Tank DLC: Pick your flavor


The new product comes with 3 premium vehicles. The T-140 Angara is a Main Battle Tank based on the T-14 Armata. It is a massive beast which can destroy anything up to five kilometers. To counter that CSAT tank, NATO is getting a tank destroyer. The fast Rhino MGS is designed with mobility in mind, it is best used with harassment, hit&run manoeuvers.
AAF is getting a tiny but devastating toy: the AWC Nyx. Coming in four variants, it is a very small vehicle but packed with power and mobility. Easy to hide anywhere, it is the master of ambushes.




To enjoy these new vehicles, the DLC ships with a mini campaign featuring the Angara and the Nyx, and a showcase for the Tank Destroyer. These will keep you busy for several hours. The missions are crafted with care, and consistent with the ArmA storyline.

A Massive Free upgrade

Along with the DLC comes a free upgrade for all ArmA 3 owners. Among the most interresting thing is the new weapon guidance system, which will increase ATGM lethality, and Armor upgrade, which may help survive the harsh Arma universe. We made a preview of these in a preview last month. 

The DLC features:


  • New AT Weapons & Vehicles
  • New ATGM Guidance
  • New vehicle fire control system with lead calculation
  • New 3D interior for already existing vehicles.
  • Camouflage nettings for vehicles
  • Improved armor penetration simulation
  • Additionnal Armor systems (ERA, SLAT)
  • New multiplayer game mode “Vanguard”
Can you see the hidden tank?

Toward ArmA 4!


Creative Director Jay Crowe confirmed ArmA 4 in a tweet. The next Arma title will use Enfusion engine, which we will cover in more detail soon.


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