Bohemia Interactive is currently working on their Tank DLC. The extension will improve the game’s armored combat mechanics. While the 3 tanks are being worked on, some current assets are being improved. After showing the new 3D cockpit for the Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the team has now presented the changes planned for the ATGM weapons.

With constant improvements in tank survivability such as reactive armor, new ceramics, active defense system… Antitank missiles need to get improved as well. Developments in sensors and guidance system now allows ground fired missiles to attack tanks from the top, where armor is weaker. As an example, the latest version of the TOW missile can detonate right above a tank, while its shaped charge directly hit the tank from above.



Armed Assault current antitank missiles will reflect these latest developments, with the Titan missiles getting a new top-down attack flight profile, and the PCML able to explode directly above turret. These change are being demonstrated in video:



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