Aviodev, the developer behind the CASA C-101 for DCS World, has communicated about their progress on the C-101 EB/CC. They mention that the combat version may be ready within a few weeks. The long wait may be over soon…. Hopefully !




Hi all. C-101CC navaids are almost finished, we need to work on Flight Director and then weapons will follow shortly. That means C-101CC will be ready soon, a question of weeks, if everything goes as expected. We are also working on AFM in parallel.

In the screenshot you may see the V/UHF radio panel with channel 01 and frequency 225.0 MHz selected, the VHF/NAV panel with frequency 113.6 MHz corresponding to Kutaisi VOR which bearing indication can be seen in the RMI double needle and HSI pointer (radial 215, course 035), the DME distance 0.5 NM from the Batumi TACAN depicted in the HSI upper left window (thanks to the DME HOLD function which permits tuning another station while holding the DME frequency), and the ADF panel with frequency 430 KHz selected corresponding to Batumi NDB which bearing is indicated by the RMI single needle.

Aviodev, 11/21/17


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