Barthek Released Ground Texture Mod 10 this morning. Thank you for your impressive work !

Fellow DCS pilots,

Today I am proud to release the newest version of my Ground Textures Mod. The development of the current release took me 3 months, however, it would take much longer if I didn’t have the experience which I gradually gained starting from my very first project. I decided to name this version GTM 10 due to the fact that it will probably be the last one on my dcs modding journey. Hence, I hope it will meet your requirements and make the DCS experience much deeper.

A few facts about GTM 10:

– GTM 10 is an overhaul of DCS terrain textures
– about 500 textures have been edited
– changes affect buildings, cities, towns, fields, forests, mountains, airports and many more
– the package is JSGME ready
– I don’t observe any significant fps loss on my rig when compared to vanila textures
– finding targets on A-10 TGP may be a bit harder depending on the place where the units are placed (but not impossible)
I wish you a lot of fun with this release and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Best regards,




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