There is a release estimate for IL2 – Battle of Kuban !  After a few days of maintenance on their forum and website, 777/1C team revealed their plans. With only two items remaining on their to-do list, the release is estimated to happen in 2 to 3 weeks from now.
In a Facebook communiqué, they mention that campaign is nearly complete. 20 of the 25 planned missions type are ready and tested. Also, they published a new batch of screenshots depicting the latest advancement on the P-39. The cockpit texturing is nearly complete, as we can see in the screens. Beside those two items, the remaining features and additions are complete.


Hello everybody,


The P-39 is nearly complete

Today we don’t have a lot of news, we just want to tell you that the work on 3.001 update is near its end. We have 20 Career mission types working of 25 planned for the release. The most of the initially found issues are fixed and some tweaks are already in the place.


To give you a general idea of the scale of this update, its change list will contain 90 items, nearly a third of which are significant changes and improvements. The sheer number of these changes means that after 3.001 release hotfixes will likely follow because there could be problems that couldn’t be found by the testers. We’re sure this teething period will be short.

P-39L-1 cockpit is almost ready, perhaps we’ll spend 1-2 days for final ‘polishing’ of its textures, but we can already show you its overall look.

All other changes and additions planned for 3.001 release are finished. Therefore, we plan to release this humongous update in 2-3 weeks. We want to release it as soon as possible ourselves: all we’re doing we’re doing for you and your feedback is very important for us. But we need to make a bit more effort to give you the result that will not only be massive but also good functioning so these days will be spent on debugging and refinement of the new functionality.

777/1C, 3/3/18

If you want to learn more about the career mode, you can check our recent article:

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