IL2 Battle of Kuban finally released in its final version. Patch 3.001, now available, contains a wide range of contents and improvements for every IL2 owner. This patch is the conclusion of the Kuban development cycle. The 3rd title in the series introduced a new black sea theater with 10 new aircrafts and the relevant campaign. Also, the whole series got improved in graphical, modeling and stability. And we get a new Dynamic Career mode!

In this Checklist, we’ll have an overview of what IL2: Battle of Kuban is. Feel free to give your opinion in the comments or our Facebook page!

Back to the Black Sea

Battle of Kuban takes place in the Black Sea Region, South West of Russia. The region is well known from DCS World pilots and was a popular spot in IL2 – 1946. It is a strategic place, being one of the gate between Europe and Middle East. The theater covers a small portion of Crimea, and some of the Caucasus mountain range, down to Soshi. This map allows a wide range of action, from naval patrols to intense dogfights in deep mountains.

To enjoy Battle of Kuban scenery, 10 new aircrafts joins the party. Some are variants of already released planes, but there are some completely new toys:


  • Yak-7b
  • Bf-109 G-4
  • P-39 L-1
  • Fw-190 A-5
  • IL-2 AM-38F ‘43
  • Bf-110 G-2
  • A-20B
  • He-111 H-16
  • Spitfire Mark.VB (Premium)
  • Hs-129 B-2 (Premium)


The introduction of the P-39, Spitfire and A-20 will reinforce the offensive capability for the soviet forces. The P-39 sports a deadly canon that may severely damage any opponent in a single shot. The A-20 can load up to 4000kg of bombs – more than twice the Pe-2 load. It will be a game changer in online environment.

In the other hand, the Luftwaffe gets a HS-129.  This weird looking attack aircraft is very capable, with both bombs and big gondola canons available. In the meantime, its two engines will boost the survivability in low altitude.



Graphics: Taking the lead


777/1C pushed their engine harder than ever. The game now features a maximum view distance of 150km, versus the original 40km. This will definitively help with navigation and get up to speed against other titles such as DCS world or X-plane. Another big step is rain effect. While featured in a few select FSX/X-plane payware plane, this is the first time a flight simulation features the effect natively. In the list of improvement, we were pleased to read that the original Stalingrad map got some texture rework to keep it up to specs.
Also worth notice: 4k textures are gradually being introduced. Checkout the 4k option in the graphics menu!


Single and Multiplayer Experience Reworked


The single player campaign mode is replaced by a new dynamic career mode. Taking the best of the RoF career mode and the IL2 mission generation engine, it will ensure hours of gameplay… Available for the three IL2 products, it allows players to “live” the war thru the theaters they own. In parallel, Multiplayer takes a new dimension as well. A new “cooperative mode” is implemented: At mission creation, aircrafts will be available until mission starts. Once the missions start, empty aircraft will be played by AI.
Also, players are able to launch and play their own server directly from the game. This will allow players to fire up a simple mission with their friends without the hassle of the dedicated server.


What’s next ?

The team is already working on 3 new products.

  • The “IL2: Great Battle” series will go West with “Battle of Bodenplate“, covering the late war over Europe. It will feature late US and German Aircrafts, including the first Jet in the series.
  • Flying Circus – Volume 1” will bring us World War 1 aircrafts – Rise of Flight fans rejoice!
  • Tank Crew – Battle at Prokhorovka” will put you in the cabin of a German or Soviet tank, still within the IL2 engine.


The development is already started, and some changes are already implemented in 3.001 – such as Tank sights and track modeling. 1C/777 is delivering, and we can’t wait to see their next products!



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