No break for 1C/777. After releasing Battle of Kuban, they started working on Battle of Bodenplatte. The game will cover the late war era in Europe, with plane such as P-47, P-51, me-262 and some others deadly machines. Their last blog entry reveal some screenshots of the BF-109 and Spitfire, along with the Premium plane Po-2, some tank pictures for the ground guys, and early art for Flying Circus.




Hello everybody,

After releasing 3.001 update and going wild with the celebration – having 5 work days in a week instead of 7  – we continue the further development.

Thankfully, 3.001 release went ok and didn’t require any urgent critical hotfixes, which is strange for such fundamental changes, to be honest. Anyway, at this moment we already have around 40 changes and enhancements we plan to release in the next 3-4 weeks. Graphics, Career, AI, multiplayer and some other stuff will be addressed.

In parallel, we’re developing the next big thing, Bodenplatte. The work on the map, buildings and its first planes has already started. We have a huge task in front of us, but we already got used to big plans and we know how to follow them. Soon we’ll tell you about the other projects of IL-2 Great Battles series – the work is going on them as well.



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