777/1C, the developer of IL2 Sturmovik – “Great Battles”, publishes regular blog note about their progress. Battle of Kuban is nearly complete, we may see its release very soon. While the team can’t pinpoint an exact date, almost all the features are ready. Among the remaining items to complete, the dynamic campaign and the P-39 cockpit textures are still being worked on.

Some simulation improvements

Also, it mentions some interesting updates in the plane modeling. Among these, we learn that engine oil temperature has been changed to reflect the oil viscosity changing with temp. Now, engine overheating will be much more punishing. Propeller speed governor has been tweaked to match historical values. This will impact some Russian aircrafts. Effects have been tweaked as well, like dust clouds not appearing when impacting specific material such snow or concrete.

The two last entries reveal the textures set of the upcoming P-39 and the A-20.


Dev Blog 187

Dev Blog 186




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