Belsimtek has released their highly awaited F-5E Tiger II. The plane is now available for both Open Beta & Release version.
It can be purchased for 59.99$ here. They is no info for Nevada customer yet. Belsimtek has heard customers, and took extra care to make sure the module is as polished as possible : It comes with a complete, 293 pages long manual in both Russian and English ! (Thanks Vitaliy and Ben).



This latest addition comes with some fixes for Flamming Cliffs, and VEAO Hawk. Patch note below.




Now we will answer the most anticipated question :  Yes, it comes with MIG-28 skin 🙂










Key Features of the DCS: F-5E Tiger II:

  • Professional Flight Model that accurately mimics the performance and flight characteristics of this legendary fighter
  • Highly detailed, six-degrees-of-freedom (6 DOF) cockpit
  • Interact with cockpit controls with your mouse
  • Fully modelled weapon system
  • Accurate F-5E model with multiple country markings
  • Detailed modelling of the F-5E instruments, engine, radios, fuel, electrical, and hydraulic systems
  • Single missions and full set of training missions will be created while in Early Access
  • Full and Quick Start manuals in Russian and English languages
  • Extended Campaign for the F-5E by Maple Flags Missions Developer (not included in the module package)



DCS Update 2

The main task of today’s update is the Early Access of DCS: F-5E Tiger II

Several fixes and corrections:

  • Ground vehicles will not call dust effect from concrete surfaces
  • Su-25T. Added animation of baro altimeter failure flag
  • Mi-8MTV2 and UH-1H. Fixed crash when player helicopter with selected cargo is destroyed
  • Flaming Cliffs. Error when DRM button pressed fixed
  • Su-27. Incorrect Mechanical Devices Indicator fixed
  • MP. Added role selection window localization

DCS Hawk by VEAO

  • Controls indicator now shows with RCtrl+Enter
  • Weapons selector has been fixed
  • Flaps and gear down now affect flight model
  • Rudder yaw sensitivity has been tweaked
  • Aden gun pod texture added

Known DCS F-5E bugs and inconsistencies:

  • IDLE RPM (Thrust) vs altitude. IDLE thrust too big at altitude.
  • Damaged aircraft without one wing sink smoothly.
  • No spin after tail slide. According to TO, when tailsliding with pitch > 70 degrees the plane should enter inverted spin.
  • Choсks animation linked to canopy animation on net phantom
  • Turn perfomance at 5000ft. Sustained turn curve has no step on 330 KIAS.
  • No compressor stall and flameout.
  • Max lift g-loads. According to TO at 5000 ft and GW 13750 the F-5 can achieve 6.0 G at M = 0.5. In simulator the plane can achieve 6.6 at M=0.5 and 7.1 at M = 0.52.
  • Pitch down input is too abrupt due to absence of half of the axis. stick fwd movenent is less, than aft, but the scale of joystick-virtual stick is the same for aft and fwd movement.
  • Missing missile excess-G marker on LCOSS.
  • Gunsight mode A/A1 works incorrect.
  • AIM-9 seeker FOV is very narrow.
  • RWR sound issues. No sounds are present for new radar sources
  • Only one attempt to lock-on after ACQ button release in radar search mode.
  • Radar elevation controls stop working after target lock is broken.
  • Lock gate cannot be controlled after severl mode switches.


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