More details have emerged about the upcoming Kamov upgrade. Since the new graphics engine, Eagle Dynamics made no secret about their desire to upgrade their older products. After more than 10 years of service, it is time for the venerable Blackshark to get a second lease of life

The Ka-50 update will consist of new functions such as Igla air-to-air missiles and missile warning systems with infrared missile jamming systems in addition to a substantial graphics overhaul. While new cockpit functions will be part of a paid upgrade, the entirely new and improved cockpit and external model will be available for free. In addition to a graphics overall and new features, we will also take this opportunity to clean up any remaining bugs in the Ka-50.

Eagle Dynamics 31/05/2018

Graphical update

Eagle Dynamics published a few screenshots of the new 3D model. The attention to detail is stunning and we could resist taking some comparison screenshot to highlight that:

While the Kamov still looks decent by nowadays standard – A lot of details were achieved by the textures. I can’t wait to see the new model with PBR textures…

System Mid-life update

Not only the graphics… but the systems are getting a serious upgrade. The original Kamov was modeled after one of the prototypes, and a lot of fans were asking for production systems to be implemented.
Wags announced the following being developed to the Blackshark:

  • Missile Launch Warning System
  • IR Jammer
  • Igla Air to Air Missiles

The Kamov was a deadly machine but still suffered poor defensive capability – With the upgrade, the helicopter will be able to defend itself against fighters and survive more easily on the battlefield as the MLWS will compensate the poor cockpit visibility and help the pilot detecting enemy fire.

Everything has a price…

Black Shark originally released in 2008

It also has been revealed that this will come at a price. The product has been released in 2008 and is still maintained today. Even within the simulation industry, this is an incredible product life and it isn’t free for the studio.

Eagle Dynamics seems to have learned from the past and has tried to come up with a fair offer for the community. The graphical update will come for free for all Blackshark pilots. Systems will be part of a paid upgrade, which may most likely be Blackshark 3. It is not planned to force people to purchase the blackshark a third time.

This sounds a fair deal as the choice is in customer’s hand – Those who want to keep their helicopter as they bought it will benefit with a free, first-class 3D model, while those who want to upgrade their Kamov avionics will be able to do so. Unlike Blackshark 2 which left the bad taste of a mandatory purchase, this upgrade is totally optional. In parallel, this allows the studio to maintain the product at a high standard without bleeding money.

No pricing has been communicated yet.

Bonus: One Heli can hide another

Flying in formation with the kamov pictures, are some pictures of the Mi-24 Hind’s cockpit. Eagle Dynamics is quite silent about the Hind’s development but it looks like the iconic Soviet helicopter is still being worked on. It is confirmed that the helicopter will be multi-crewable.


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