The organization of the “Blue Flag” Online Campaign has announced their next Campaign.  It will still take place in Georgia, this time with a scenaristic plot : German forces will invade the Caucasus and try to reach for oil fields. The scenario is setup in World War 2 and it due to last 6 days. Also, it will now feature asymetric setup, with German FW190 and BF109 lined up against Soviet P51. Several other features are planned.


Hello all,

Three weeks passed since the end of Blue Flag’s 5th round, so we wanted to update you about the next steps.

Our initial plan was to move faster but some real life obligations caused a delay.

Fortunately we got back on track, gathered yesterday in the teamspeak and moved on with our next projects.

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– WW2 PvP Campaign – Operation “Case Blue”
The next event will be a WW2 PvP Campaign, called Operation “Case Blue” which is based on the Axis offensive in the Caucasus region on 1942. (
The offensive starts from the Northwest, with the Red side simulating the German forces (FW-190/BF-109) which goal is to advance and capture more oil fields in the south.
Blue side simulates the Soviet forces (P-51D) which goal is to push back the Axis and recapture all the lost areas in the North.

Our goal is to keep the main gameplay of “Blue Flag” combined with the current WW2 features that DCS offers.
The initial plan is to use a number of AI aircraft which will help dealing with the absense of transport/bomber aircraft.

The concept and mission file is finalised and now Xcom and Ciribob are working on the final scripts in order to start the testing session.

Some features that will get to the testing session:
– Red side: FW-190, BF-109 & TF-51 / Blue side: P-51D & TF-51
– AI transport aircraft will spawn after a target is closed in order to simulate parachute drop. ( C-130, AN-25 simulate WW2 transports)
– AI bombers will spawn to generate bombing runs in targets. TF-51s pilots will act as reconnaissance and will be responsible of bringing the bombers through a specific process (will be explained in the upcoming PDF file)
(TU-95s with rear gunners simulate WW2 bombers, their speed is set to fit WW2 aircraft speeds)
– ZU-23’s on Ural/ZU-23’s enplacements used as air defence units. Fuel trucks & Parked aircraft are used also as targets.
– Flak script which will simulate Flak air defence in each target
– FARPs are replaced by Oil derricks
– Fuel system & CSAR scripts removed
– Squadron slots removed (Only general slots available)
– The first WW2 round will last max 6 days

*Depending on the testing results we may have to add/tweak or remove specific features.

Twitch livestream
The day the testing will start we plan to have a livestream through Twitch in which we can answer to questions about the concept/features and comment live on the perfomance.
(We will propably make also fun of the takeoff/land attemps of our beloved squadmates )

Registrations process for Blue Flag rounds will remain as it is now, meaning through the ED forums.
In order to avoid confusion with the other events (Operation “Case Blue, upcoming Korean War campaign etc) we decided to do it through our website giving the users the ability to submit their own application and keep it simple.

So for all other events except Blue Flag, players can submit applications through our website and of course select their prefered side inside DCS (when you enter the server for the first time you must type RED or BLUE).
A “submit” button will be available soon featuring ALLIES or AXIS selection. When a player selects the prefered side he will gain access to the planning rooms where he can discuss strategy tactics etc with his comrades.
Next step as mentioned above is to enter the server and type RED or BLUE.

Next “Blue Flag” Rounds / Korean War campaign / Side enents
As mentioned before, our goal is to launch 6 days rounds in order to rotate between the Campaigns variations.
The plan is to have one free week between each round in order to gather feedback and to apply changes when needed.
As “Blue Flag” (Modern, 80’s, 70’s) versions are more popular we want to keep them as a high priority and have more of them during the rotations.

After the WW2 round we will release another “Blue Flag” event and then plan to release a Korean War campaign.
News about the concept will be available at a later stage.

Except from the campaigns we discuss about having some smaller events based on Combined arms and CAS scenarios in order to fill the schedule till Summer.

Thanks once again for your support! Stay tuned

The “Buddy Spike” Team :


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