635827236541791170-b1-PGMGreat Scripter Ciribob has edited the way bomber runs in BlueFlag.
Several players complained that Hawk and L39 were quite useless, as it would be more efficient to simply drive a striker in the area.
BuddySpike team changed the way the reconnaissance planes works.  Now, you do not need to return to base to call for a bomber. Simply drive your L-39 or Hawk to the ennemi area, and call for the strike.

The B1 or Tupolev will come from base. Now, it will carry PGM and strike 10 targets from range. If it fails to find somehow to use his PGM, it will do a regular carpet bombing, which can be impressive with these plane loadout.


ddddddDon’t hesitate to feedback these latest additions, as the new script may need tweaking. This modification will be live this Wednesday evening.

In the meantime, Red forces are pushing back the Blue. This evening, Red forces have connected in masse and the war is spreading on all front. Min’vody, which exchanged sides several time these last day, has been secured with Nalchik capture.


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