Buddy Spike is launching BlueFlag 6. The server is undergoing open testing, you can already connect to the server to test the new features. Unless a bad bug is found during the test, the campaign is likely to start on Saturday 29th of April.  The campaign will feature some new features, such as bombing run seen on the WW2 campaign. This feature allow trainer plane to be actually usefull to the campaign : Overfly a target with a Hawk or a L-39, and you’ll have strategic bomber striking the target shortly afterward !!

The map also got a fresh new look, with more data displayed in a better user interface. It will now be more easier to figure what’s happening from your desk (we all know you keep checking the map at office!).

Blue Flag new menu

Change log has been posted :

  • No Air to Air weapon limitations
  • Added L-39ZA (RED) & HAWK (BLUE) modules
  • Added AI bombing script. TU-22s (RED) / B-1 LANCERS (BLUE) will attack targets if L-39s or HAWKs complete reconnaissance missions.
  • Choppers will transfer more fuel to airbases (850 value)
  • AI aircraft won’t consume fuel from airbases
  • Various tweaking to reduce lag issues
  • Currently server restarts every 5 hours






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