Polychop is still working full speed, and their next helicopter has now a very cute 3D model…. Well….. several 3D models  !  The team never slowed down after their Gazelle Release and is now preparing the BO-105, in 4 separate variants.  They are going to model two regular German army version, along with a Swedish and a South Korean version, including their own cockpit systems. After our shameful summer website failure, we missed quite a few screenshots and informations. Here is the latest screens and informations about these upcoming helicopters :

Model (Internal/external) is almost done (96 %). Most of the Systems (IFF, Nighthawk Sightsystem, CDU …) are restricted. So I’m thinking of implementing my own logic unless I’ll find some docs. Based on informations on other sightsystems – I “plan” to implement:

  • T.A.D.S.
  • Memorizing of up to 5 targets
  • Heading ribbon for both sightsystem and helicopter heading
  • White HOT / black Hot
  • automatic Target aquistion (bracket around target)
  • Overtorque indication
  • Masking Indication
  • Target Spot range 18 km (day) 8 km (night)let’s see what’s possible ->it’s up to the coder

Fragger, 3D/texture Artist at Polychop.


German BO-105s


According to Fragger, The German BO-105 PAH1A1 is expected to be the first to release. It is possible that the Reconnaissance version “VBH” will release with it. No date is set yet. “insert overused joke here”. The helicopters 3D models are complete, with the pilots being currently implemented.

bo-105 bo-105-2 bo-105-3 bo105done bo105done2


Swedish Hkp-9

Beside the main German variants, Polychop is also planning to release the Swedish Hkp.9. (insert overused ikea joke here). They is about no information published since the beginning of the year, so it is safe to assume the 3D model is complete.

hkp91 hkp92 hkp93 hkp94

South Korean Bo-105

Lately, a lot of screens of the South Korean variant has popped out on Polychop facebook page.

rok105 rok105-2 rok105-3 rok105-4 rok105-5 rok105-6 rok105-7 rok105-8 rok105-9 rok105-10 rok105-11




The Crew !

the 3D artist is also working on the 3D pilots.  The beard is still in full force !


bo_1 bo_co_1 bo_co_2 bo105pilot bo105pilot2 bo105pilot3 bopilot bopilot2





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