2016-10-26_19-34-14-408It was the tail-end of the year 2000. Y2K and all the fear it generated in not just the ‘World of Information Technology’. Seemingly rational people were freaking out over the ‘inevitable apocalyptic IT crash’. I was in Honolulu for several years, and I knew this one guy from California, who didn’t want to be ‘marooned’ in Hawaii . He was absolutely convinced that those of us still there on Oahu, would be forced to resort to cannibalism, when all the food ran out. Seriously. I’m not making this up. Never mind that the second largest cattle ranch in the world was on the ,Big Island.’  Of coarse nothing happened.

I was pretty confident about that anyway since even with my then very limited computer-savvy, I knew it was just a matter of software. It was when I returned to Indianapolis, IN at the end of 2000, that my brother Ralph , btw, is an ‘IT guy’, introduced me to flight simulators. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, I think. There weren’t any addons back then, and  it was very crude by current standards. ( Some might argue it still is, somewhat.) Nevertheless, it was a start. It was Flight Simulator X, that was a real turning point in my level of passion for this particular pastime. It allowed addons , actually exceed the  level of realism of the digitized world in which the operate.

I had a lot of fun with the Hercules, so much so that I wouldn’t mind at all seeing a flyable one in DCS World.c-130xx132_20

The Captain Sim developers have a quite a hanger full of  fine renders of military and civilian platforms, including a C-130 Hercules, which was by the way, pretty much my starting point. I had a lot of fun with the Hercules, so much so that I wouldn’t mind at all seeing a flyable one in DCS World.

Airliners, even relatively small ones are in general, very procedural..

It would be pretty limited in terms of flight duration, and that is one advantage offered by FSX, FSXSE, and Prepar3D. The world is pretty much yours, and that is a powerful attraction compared the same real estate. A change of scenery can be a good thing. Airliners, even relatively small ones are in general, very procedural in that they tend to require things to be done a little more according to ‘book’, and a greater level of advanced planning on the part of the user. More ‘brain’ and less ‘muscle’ tissue. When you get to be my age, that’s a really good thing. I need all the brain work I can get.

The Captain Sim 777 , which features the ‘basic’ 777-200ER/LR, features an ‘Expansion Pack in the form of the -300ER and Freighter variants. captain Sim did a pretty decent job of it. I actually was on the ‘early access customers’ for this one when it was released as version 0.8. It was pretty ‘buggy’ back then but they have worked real hard to bring this product to the user. As version 1.7, it is now pretty much complete. It even has an EFB or Electronic Flight Bag, and a working High-Definition Weather Radar, or WXR ( I never get tired of watching it work!) and TCAS( note conflict targets in screenshots).



The Captain Sim 777 Captain Service Pack 1.7 is the Flagship of the Pro Line Series, or Captain Series, includes B767, B757, B737, B727, B707 and for a bit more diversity, the three-holer, L-1011 (How did that get in there?)  Most of the Pro Line Products with the exception of 707 Captain,(this will no doubt change over the coming months) are for FSX/FSX Steam and Prepar3D version 2 and 3. Captain Sim has done a remarkable job, in their products offer fantastic attention to detail and make good use of texture that is spot on and animations too numerous to name in this forum and the engine sound-sets are of the first order. For those who like all the animation and fine detailing , but a little less systems depth, there is what CS likes to call it’s Fun Line Series.

In some ways, the Fun Line, follows the line of thinking that keeps Flaming Cliffs 3, a viable market platform. That is Keep It Simple. Like it or not, there will always be a segment in the flight sim community, who for one reason or another, whether a ‘noob’, and just too damn busy elsewhere to invest as much time in systems learning, but still love the visual detail. B-52 Driver (Yep, there is a BUFF, in the lineup) is visually stunning, but fairly easy to fly, but it’s only for drilling holes in the sky. Even the FSX Combat Pack, wouldn’t be of much help. Then there is Space Shuttle. (..groan..), for those so-motivated. More specific information about all these products can be found at http:// www.captainsim.com.










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