Developers at Carenado, known for their excellent HD Series of general aviation aircraft, it seems are delving farther into the air transport realm, by introducing yet a third regional airliner along-side it’s B1000D and DO228 twin turboprops, already a fairly radical departure from the “typical” light-plane based products in the past. Developers at Carenado progressing up the ‘size- ladder ‘, in much the same way a ‘real’ pilot does , each level with increasing size and complexty. Just announced as ‘under development’ is what promises to be a welcome addition to it’s stable of products in the form of it’s upcoming HD Series F50 Airliner. Up to this point, all of Carenado’s turboprop airplanes are of the ‘PT-6 powered’ variety. (Or for that matter, the Honeywell TPE 331, a similarly sized and rated engine.)

Not so this bird. This newest product when released , will represent a step up to a heavier, more powerful class with it’s carefully modeled   Pratt & Whitney PW-120 1787 shp free-turbine turboprops. Details on specifics are as yet sketchy at this point, but as development progresses, more info will be forthcoming . Personally, this one has got me wondering what else, they have in the works, along those lines?

b390_1246557955421016_2663292146529087540_oIn the meantime, work is progressing on what promises to be an exciting addition for the ‘jet set’, in the form of the B390 Premier 1A corporate jet. With a cruise speed of mach .81 , service ceiling of 41,000ft AGL, and 1500 mile range(give or take) so far, there has only been a brief tease in the form of a short vid clip :



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The only fully textured images available as of this writing. On of the feature that will set the Premier 1A apart from it’s Embraer “inspired” twin-jet hanger-mates the Phenom 100 and 300 is that the familiar Carenado G1000  and Prodogy  GPS be equipped with the Carenado GNS 5000 Series Flight1 GTN Reality XP GNS 750 Integration or something similar.not unlike those found in the cockpits of modern air transports. (Familiar territory for many of us in DCS World too.)

More info on these and other projects can be found


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