do228ido228                                                                                                           Carenado has released some more refined exterior screenshots of their upcoming DO228 project as part of their highly successful HD Series of general aviation aircraft, for FSX/FSXSE. Judging from these few shots coupled with a close look of their already released sims, this newest one, currently in development, seems to be on track for release in the not too distant future. Stay ‘tuned’, for further info on this coming turboprop twin utility as it becomes available on Carenado’s Facebook Post page. This perhaps one of civil-types that some like my colleague Erdeniz Sanlav, who so eloquently proposed just that, with his article,” A Bold Prospect: Exploring the Possibility of Civilian Aircraft For DCS” would like to see in DCS World perhaps, considering the type has been adopted for some CSAR and Evac roles. With the right general aviation type, it may be feasible to seriously consider his proposal.


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