Monday, October 14, 2019

Flying Circus Gets new Toys

Flying Circus is getting two new Aircrafts. Tank crew is finally getting its crew, with a major update soon to be released. In this article we'll have an overview of the current devellopment on both projects

IL2 Simple Coop Mission Generator

Vander from Syndicate released version 4 of his Simple Coop Mission Generator. The utility will allow you to generate simple cooperative mission thanks to a simple program,...

DCS: F-14 announced March 13th

The long suspense for fans is over. The Tomcat is completed and will release on March 13th. While Soviet aviation fans are enjoying their freshly released Mig-19P, it won't be long before the cat is unleashed on them!

DCS Open Beta

ED published a new Openbeta patch, featuring Razbam's Mig-19P, along with the dedicated server.

Razbam Releases DCS: Mig-19P Farmer

Although not a modern jet, the new addition will please the growing fan of eastern technologies. With this new toy, the Mig line is now well representative of the progression of Soviet aviation...