Saturday, January 25, 2020
Home Headlines


News with major importance, for theme header. Namely :

-New module
-Module/campaign release
-Newletter (excluding promotionnal only)

Can arguably make it :
-Major community event. Especially ours.
-New “other” simulator release.

If you think something else worth of headline – draft and contact admin for validation.

DCS: I-16 released!

As many people celebrate Victory Day in Europe, we are in for a treat from OctopusG. Almost silently, the team developed the I-16 and surprised everyone with...

April’s fool: Eagle Dynamics Partner with Electronics Arts!

Eagle Dynamics announce they have partnered with Electronics Arts. The first product of the partnership will be "Modern Air Combat", a new Combat simulation derived from DCS...

DCS: F-14 goes Early Access

The iconic Tomcat is joining the DCS family. Heatblur published their first early access version of the DCS F-14. Delivered by patch, the tomcat is...

Flying Circus Gets new Toys

Flying Circus is getting two new Aircrafts. Tank crew is finally getting its crew, with a major update soon to be released. In this article we'll have an overview of the current devellopment on both projects

Razbam Releases DCS: Mig-19P Farmer

Although not a modern jet, the new addition will please the growing fan of eastern technologies. With this new toy, the Mig line is now well representative of the progression of Soviet aviation... back into operations

2018 Has been a much troubled year for the website....

Twomoreweeks closing temporarily

Two more weeks is temporarily closing after a piece of malicious code is redirecting some of our traffic toward ad pages. We will rebuild our website from scratch with some more proffesionnal security input. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you back on our next version :)